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Halloween Pick of the Week 09

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Hey remember ” Pick of the Week ” ? Well sure ya do its a quality pick of a movie flick that requires keen skill and sharp sense of a classic, cheesy ,yet entertaining, and of course gory! My pick for this years Halloween ” Pick of the Week is the original 1978 classic, Dawn of the Dead! This movie has is it all from violence, gore , action , suspense, tragedy and even comedy! What else could you want from a zombie flick? I really like going back to seeing the old school blueish gray zombie tones and the paint like blood that flows so gushingly throughout the movie ( love it ! ). The best part of the special effects is the use of still shots that let you endure all the gushy details of the flesh and guts being torn from the bone. Too many newer movies like to use fast action cut scenes that make my head hurt and have no idea what happened? I don’t wanna ruin and share the whole movie, or gross you away either. Its a well done zombie flick by non other then one great original zombie men George Romero. Please watch the ORIGINAL and NOT the remake. It just doesnt have that authentic and true zombie flick feel. Always remember, zombies walk and must never run.



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SO FRUSTRATING! So many times I am creating or doing something either playing guitar, making beats, writing whatever, during the creation of one piece I find something else I like that fits, but then sparks a whole new direction. That then snowballs out of control to something bigger then I have. I have so many ideas all day long about so many things its overwehlming and I cannot focus. Its kinda like a curse I have a brain overload of so many things I could do or write about, I end up changing topics 10234 different times. I then become frustrated and quit and in the end have nothing. This is a result of such a case. I must click post before this turns into me over critiquing my frustration piece AHHHHH


Coming soon and gimme feedback!

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So something else Im gonna do on this site from time to time or say once a week hopefully is to add an original story to share. Some funny, some unbelievable, some too heavy for some to read. Warnings were given. Check back soon for more…

PS if anyone has anything to say or comment or critique or criticize Lemme hear it! I wanna hear it all! I want good bad ugly mean shitty funny or whatever you got, lemme hear ya!

One Album for a WHOLE Movie Score

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If there were one album I had to choose for an entire movie score ( which is a fantasy job of mine to choose music for movies,commercials ect. ) I’d most DEFINITELY choose Mogwai’s  The Hawk Is Howling. This album without any words I can recall derives PURE emotion on all levels from its wonderfully sculptured atmospheric textures and sonic overdriven guitars, beautiful synths and a pulsing drum. From innocent, beautiful and blissful, to deep dark anger and rage, filled with disorientation and desctruction.  With songs like “Im Jim Morrison Im Dead” to “The Sun Smells Too Loud” and my favorite “Batcat,” this album will have you on a natural high that no drug could send you on then back to the depths of its hellish comedown! Love, Hate, Sadness, Destruction, Desire and Wonder all in one package, this album wins. What album would you choose for an entire movie score?


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Hello world. This is your very favorite Cuzin Cuzinmank! Im alive. Im back. The world is a much different place. I am in a different place. My world is drastically different, changed, turned upsidedown in most aspects. Having said that, I have even MORE to say! Things will be changing here as well in my life. A new direction and horizon is before us. Stay Tuned…