One Album for a WHOLE Movie Score

If there were one album I had to choose for an entire movie score ( which is a fantasy job of mine to choose music for movies,commercials ect. ) I’d most DEFINITELY choose Mogwai’s  The Hawk Is Howling. This album without any words I can recall derives PURE emotion on all levels from its wonderfully sculptured atmospheric textures and sonic overdriven guitars, beautiful synths and a pulsing drum. From innocent, beautiful and blissful, to deep dark anger and rage, filled with disorientation and desctruction.  With songs like “Im Jim Morrison Im Dead” to “The Sun Smells Too Loud” and my favorite “Batcat,” this album will have you on a natural high that no drug could send you on then back to the depths of its hellish comedown! Love, Hate, Sadness, Destruction, Desire and Wonder all in one package, this album wins. What album would you choose for an entire movie score?


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