Halloween Pick of the Week 09

Hey remember ” Pick of the Week ” ? Well sure ya do its a quality pick of a movie flick that requires keen skill and sharp sense of a classic, cheesy ,yet entertaining, and of course gory! My pick for this years Halloween ” Pick of the Week is the original 1978 classic, Dawn of the Dead! This movie has is it all from violence, gore , action , suspense, tragedy and even comedy! What else could you want from a zombie flick? I really like going back to seeing the old school blueish gray zombie tones and the paint like blood that flows so gushingly throughout the movie ( love it ! ). The best part of the special effects is the use of still shots that let you endure all the gushy details of the flesh and guts being torn from the bone. Too many newer movies like to use fast action cut scenes that make my head hurt and have no idea what happened? I don’t wanna ruin and share the whole movie, or gross you away either. Its a well done zombie flick by non other then one great original zombie men George Romero. Please watch the ORIGINAL and NOT the remake. It just doesnt have that authentic and true zombie flick feel. Always remember, zombies walk and must never run.


One Response to “Halloween Pick of the Week 09”

  1. Good pick, my good sir. We watched the Shining this year…quality material.

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