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In an ugly world full of hate, rage, fear and sadness, let us remember that we don’t have it that bad. Let us get past what we don’t have or can’t afford. Somewhere there is someone who doesn’t have the simple things you take for granted; Shoes, water, shelter and love. Take a moment to reflect how you might not have it as bad as you think. Since you are reading this, things can’t be too bad because you are using a computer and the internet, which as common as they may be, for those less fortunate would be happy to just be inside the warm building you are in using this machine. If you comment as a smart ass and say you are outside and not inside a building, you must have it even better to be able to connect freely from wherever you are. Thanksgiving is not just about turkey and football. It certainly is NOT about crazy shopping “Black Friday” sales where retailers find the cheapest products, slap a shiny sticker on it call it a sale. The mindless consumer sees SALE and immediately assumes this must be the best price because of the day of the year it is. Pathetic if you ask me. The whole world has twisted Holidays into sick head games against the consumer who is so wrapped up into thinking they are getting a good deal, its just another reason for them to shop. As a retail employee we have sales every weekend on good items. We have blowout prices on DVDs and CDs all the time. Nobody wants to acknowledge this because we are fed to believe that the all mighty “Black Friday” will have the most ridiculous prices ever seen, every single year. Its gotten so bad my manager showed a customer the Friday ad assuring the customer the item he wanted now IS less then it will be on that Friday. The actual ad was presented and the customer was still not convinced it would be the best deal. As mentioned before, it’s some bootleg items you never heard of or models not usually stocked that are manufactured specifically for that day. If it just so happens to be something worth while, be my guest to be one to the drones who lineup into the cattle call just after they finish their dinner. Go wait in the cold overnight and hope to be one of the “chosen ones” for the super amazing laptop. Thanksgiving is not about sales, turkeys or touchdowns, but rather remembering what you are thankful for as a member of this universe.


Clench Your Fists and Set Your Guitars to KILL!

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Constantly looking and seeking new music that harnesses both beauty and destruction, thanks to Mr. Yukon Cornelius (my main music consultant for discoveries and information references) we have And So I Watch You From Afar! This band hailing from Belfast, England are some more of the next generation PostRock/Metal/Psychedelic dandies that deliver ALL the power and force you always wanted Explosions In The Sky to come driving through with, complimenting their beautiful cascading textures and melodies, but they always leave you with a softy. And So I Watch You From Afar’s self titled album delivers a climatic buildup from one instrument chords and riffs turned into a full overdriven force of distorto/delay explosion even metal masters could appreciate! They take you down lightly, nice and airy like everything is alright kinda feeling. Could we call it Melodic Metal? My only comparison or relation for this band is if Mogwai had a younger cousin from the UK who is doing everything harder, better faster and uh stronger? Mogwai is still the ultimate but either way I enjoy the deep contrast of floating in space on a good one, to being taken through a lightning bolt at 1.21 gigawatts! You wont travel through space or time, but it’s definitely the closest way to try! Listen to this album in its entirety and you wont be let down or even have the urge to skip to the next song. Each song is its own emotion and feel but never short of excellent with all the fixens. These guys are on my list for Coachella 2010 “Please Book This Band.” I anticipate they produce an amazing live performance from numerous videos and reviews I’ve read. Hopefully I will get the proper opportunity for the experience.

For Your Amusement Only Please

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Before you say anything, to the junkies of  the Coachella world, I am well aware of this poster being shown and posted sometime last week, and more importantly totally fake. Having said that can we please just use this for some fun amusement and a little humor. The fever is strong so even a ridiculous mess like this is worth viewing.


Yeah okay you can throw up now and get angry about why I would even show such poop, but rest easy as I assure you this is just for shits and giggles. If Michael wasn’t gone I believe he would actually be a strong candidate for a headliner. I remember stating that the year Prince played. Coachella had Madonna and Prince so who else would be left to headline on that grand of scale besides the solo gloved moonwalker himself. Sorry superhero fans, don’t see any possiblities of the X-Men of Transformers holding any credibility. They were offered more then the Smiths but they still turned ’em down. Keep checking for more updates!

UC Stanford and Weed Does a Body Good

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College students of California, we need more money for us to educate you! Yesterday, University of California regents panel approved a 32% fee increase, or $2500 a student for undergraduate and graduate students. The decision will take effect in the 2010 spring and fall semesters raising fees over $10,000 per year! The justification for a such a dramatic fee increase is “to close the budget gap of $535 Million this year,” said UC President Mark Yudof. The new fees are expected to generate more than half a billion dollars, enabling the university to restore some of its worst cuts, Yudof said.

Of course students hear fee increase and immediately freak out. Students rallied in hundreds and thousands at UC campuses across the state including UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz. At the UCLA campus where the board meetings occures, student continuously disrupted the meeting as police cleared the room several times before the decision was finalized. Included with the disruption were 14 arrests, 12 being students.

One part some fail to notice is the fee increase is NOT for all UC students. This fee increase is only for those us who’s household income is $75,000 or more. Hmm, at this point I personally became a little less upset because I personally don’t make anywhere near that! Then my anger turns a little to those who are complaining about fee increases when it’s only effecting the rich kids who’s parents make over $70,000.

I have very little sympathy for you complainers. I mean it sucks, don’t get me wrong, paying $10,000 extra for anyone has to be a bad deal. But take in consideration, you must be alright if you are even attending a University in the first place. If your family makes over $70,000 you are doing much better and living pretty comfortably. So maybe you can’t go to Berkeley, and live in the nicest apartment and drive around a $35,000 car or even more.

To everyone complainers or not, I have my one and only solution to you. Legalize the most profitable crop known on earth and watch our state flourish with success. Fee increases aren’t going anywhere as UC President Mark Yudof told reporters Wednesday he couldn’t rule out raising student fees again if the state is unable to meet his request for an additional $913 million next year for the 10-campus system. Good luck with that as that is longshot request as the state projects a $21 billion budget gap and the state legislative analyst reported Wednesday that increased funding for higher education was unlikely. So what a better way to generate revenues then TAXING, REGULATING , and LEGALIZING MARIJUANA!

In addition to my persuasion for legalization for revenues, this clearly shows, Weed does a body good! Ask two time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum. Announced this morning, Tim Lincecum (15-7 265K 2.48 ERA) won the Cy Young award in a close 3 way race between the Cardinal’s Chris Carpenter (17-4, 2.24) and Adam Wainwright (19-8, 2.63). He was a little surprised ( as was I ) and accepted his award graciously. He thanked everyone and said this was a great award as an individual achievement but he wants that team World Series victory! The big part of the speech was the end where he apologized to everyone from the Giants Organization to most importantly, the fans for his marijuana related incident with the law last month. A real Class Act. Even though he got caught up and said he wouldnt do it anymore, it just shows smoking weed doesnt make you the terrorizer Reefer Madness makes you out to be.We look forward to more successful years from Tim as long as the Giants can land a deal as Mr. Lincecum’s stock just went up adding the second trophy to his shelf, next to his bong =).

The Times They Are A-Changin’

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Yes I would have to say this is the dark ages if you so dare label it that. Over history most would have to consider these past years out of my 25 (almost 26) years in this present form the dark ones for sure. Ive lost loved ones, watched loved ones lose loved ones. My core nucleus of friends have all mostly moved away. Moving, changing, transitioning, growing into a man and losing so much all at the same time. I’m a little grayer, jaded to a sharpness that deals with no ignorance or irrational. Wisdom has come with age. I’m enlightened, but I still fail. You never forget where you come from. I struggle with that everyday. I feel more honest, but everyone lies. The world is ugly, full of greed, immaturity and sadness. I feel the anger the people present on the surface is from their deep and harsh insecurities and in reality comes from a weak and sad individual. People are shown and told what is supposed to be good and bad hip or cool before they can even multiply. So often kids are divided amongst just because of their brand of clothes or color of their hair. Its amazing what friendships might develop should people actually meet each other for who they are and not what they are dressed in. Such a sick world we live in, no wonder you left.

Besides crime, and shitty people, theres no money. Says who? I read consistently about oil companies profiting in the billions and always marking new record profits. Since when does making record breaking profits in the billions translate to having a recession? There’s plenty of money out there, We just dont have it! Tax my weed, profit from my weed and stop cutting back the schools funding and music programs, amongst a bunch of other things! We need people to stop this trend of morons learning life from MTV and other superficial shows who pour on the insecurities to our youth! Oh yeah no  money, when your government is corrupt and irresponsible owing upwards in the trillions of some number the scientists havnt gotten to inventing yet. That’s another reason we dont have any money. TAX MY WEED! A little off topic but to show how fucked our money distribution is my example comes from our health care system that rewards heads of the insurance companies for denying as many customers for health care as they can. Unlike in the UK where the doctors are rewarded for actually curing the patients, IE quitting smoking, getting over diseases ect. you can look into the details but thats that in a nutshull for my rant. The human race is deteriorating everytime MTV shows girls how their sweet 16 is supposed to be. Apparently its obnoxious, ridiculous and ungrateful. That show just spawns future whores and bitches of America.

I could go on and on about how horrible people are and how much our society makes me wanna puke but this is about ME! I say to hell with it all! I’m living and I must exist! Hunter’s idea of going crazy if he couldnt kill himself just means in a lighter definition is being in control of his own life without any interference from a job, woman, man, boss government, anything trying to control it, just him. I like this idea. I like thinking I have total control of my life and what I’m doing that day. Even though I’m driving in traffic and some ungodly hour to go to work to be on display for the creatures of the community to take shots at me, I could if I wanted turn the fuck around and drive to Hollywood to catch a show and say fuck it to work! Its all possible and you just eventually make a decision on whats important. What is your priorities? What are the consequences from each action? Overall what end result and conclusion will you be most satisfied and happy with? Sometimes you gotta step out of that “whats right” role and do what the fuck you need to do as a person and human being. You get one shot at this and thats whats up!

People always talk about a rough time period of their life and they become creative and grow inspiration from this cruel situation the dealer of life dealt you. So you write a story,book , poem, or SONG about it and overcoming adversity through these “tough times.”  This is my dark age and I got shit to say! To ever achieve or create or do anything worth while, you must DO something! Too often I’ve sat around not doing shit. The flood gates are open, just over the hill. I must stay motivated and we shall prevail!

Natural High 101: LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC

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So many times Ive been in a place where I would probably prefer to not be (emotastic and poopy). I put on some music and hear a song and my whole mood changes! I get the chill up my back and the hair on my arms raise as a burst of magic in my brain has been released and all the weight of the world had been lifted as I float freely, lifiting my spirits and mind. Ah the intense feeling you can’t totally describe, but if you have ever experienced it, you know the high. This could come from a song with amazing lyrics or from an instrumental piece with only music that’s SO powerful and moving you don’t need words! Often I prefer it that way. Its like reading a book instead of watching a movie where your mind is free to feel its own emotions and paint its own picture without having someone or something show or tell you what your supposed to feel! Free to interpret as your feel! Music is amazing, it gives me a feeling like nothing else on this planet. Live events are great at achieving this, especially in a festival setting ( my favorite ) as it allows you to gather with other music junkies and lovers of the art. Attending these events gives you a great sense of being apart of something bigger and more incredible then anything in your day to day life! Its a true escape from all the horror and ugliness of the world as it shows things aren’t as bad as it seems when we are together enjoying and epic moment with one of your favorite bands. Adding to the already incredible music, being live brings a visual performance as well. Hopefully the band really does a good job at either being amazing performers or, they incorporate some kind of visual art or light show, the best is a combination of both! For me if a band cant pull off a good live performance, I find myself thinking eh nevermind and probably give them a little less credibility in my own world. I’m not speaking of having no light show or visuals either, this is solely the performance and presentation of the music. Did it sound the way its supposed to or better? If worse or subpar or what really kills me is if the artist doesn’t truely seem to give a shit about being in front a crowd performing. Get the hell off the stage if you dont wanna be there.The live event and real time performance with people in attendance is what its all about. If done right, the live show can be fantastic and highly reccommended! Other times its best to just be in the sanctuary of your own home, room or whatever living quarters you have. I enjoy turning off all the lights and turning on something amazing while laying on my bed. Taking in only the music and whatever my imagination and soul create to become inspired by. Next time you listen to music, dont just listen with your ears but feel it inside and let the music transcend you to a higher place no drug would ever dream of taking you to. When the musics over, be careful with the big comedown.
pretty lights!

Coachella 2010 FAKE? Poster Part 1

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Hello boys and girls its time to show you the first Coachella 2010 FAKE? Poster/Lineup! If this this isn’t the first correct me if I’m wrong but its the first to me =). Either way I have to say I’m very excited about this poster as it has many exciting bands for me and bands that are actually possibilities! I know there are some overflows it seems like with too many ridiculously good bands! That could pose possible catastrophic conflictions that would ruin my life! I gotta say though over the years as much as I’ve panicked and lost sleep over scheduling conflictions when the big day comes Coachella always manages to keep the damages very minimal. It’s just always so dangerous to worry about where the big conflict will be? You make your priorities and pick your winner. Roll of the dice sometimes where you may have wished you did something different,but hey you learn and go next year! Anyways heres the poster! enjoy and maybe comment? Some interactions as I am a real person served to you in a digital format.

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