Get Your Head Out Of Your A$$, Legalize GRA$$!

So seen the news lately? Or better, have looked at your paystub recently? Chances are nothing happened to it, yet. Starting this very week, employers must withhold 10 %  more in state income taxes or collectively equivalent to taxpayers paying the state a $1.7 billion in cash through next June, the end of the fiscal year. Before we fire off the guns let me shed some light on the matter:

We are supposed to get this money back with our tax returns next spring. A breakdown for a single wage earner making $51,000 a year with no dependents will see a $4.06 increase in weekly state income tax withholdings. A couple earning $145,000 a year with no dependents will notice a $16.90 increase in weekly withholdings. I wonder if we already spent this year’s taxes, why do we think we wont spend it all next year, Especially if we are going to be paying ourselves back?

So are we ready to start thinking realistically? Are we ready to allow this state to regain its pride and operate on an efficient level of prosperity and productivity?  With a field poll taken in February of 2009, 56% of Californians voted in FAVOR of regulating, taxing, and legalizing marijuana! With staggering possible tax revenues up to $1 Billion and another $13 Billion estimated governments would save if they stopped arresting, prosecuting, or imprisoning marijuana buyers or sellers.

Please California if you don’t want to live in these current conditions make a change.

for more information on making a difference as always


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