Coachella Wishlist 2010


Can Coachella come any sooner!? Wow I know its really soon with just about 6 months to go and not more then about 3 rumors have surfaced. Those rumors being  Devo ( not excited ), Pretty Lights ( MAJOR EXCITEMENT ) and extended rumors of Faith No More touring in the US next spring which could mean a Coachella start tour date. Mikey P or Mike Patton for those you not hip to the scene, has some ties to the grand festival in the desert as he has played with Fantomas ( 05 ), Peeping Tom ( 07 ) and Patton/Rahzel ( 09 ). Having said that let me share My initial wish list in no particular order:

Pretty Lights



The Flaming Lips

The Faint

Sleepy Sun

And So I Watch You From Afar

Black Math Horsemen

The Bloody Beetroots

The Rapture

David Bowie



The Postal Service

Edward Sharpe and the Magnificent Zeros

Before anyone tells me some band or artist has already played at Coachella before, chances are I know and probably saw them there! I enjoy seeing bands more then once especially if I havnt seen them at Coachella. For example I have seen the Flaming Lips at the Holiest of all festivals Bonnaroo @ 12AM for 3 hours doing the UFO landing spaceship show. This was particularly a special show because we saw War Pigs ( Black Sabbath ) in its entirety as a pre show soundcheck song. Thanks for that because we had just come out of the movie tent a little lost and disoriented. Next I saw them on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay! Even so, I need to experience them at my festival Coachella with all my friends under the stars on a cool desert night!  I’m certain some of those names will be amongst those selected for this year’s desert spectacle and some wont. I’m totally cool with that because every year Coachella brings me somebody I want really bad, and a WHOLE list of others who become my new favorite bands. Here’s a couple clips from some of these bands listed and they all have myspace music pages but that’s where you get to cut and paste the name of the band into Google search and click on it.




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