Coachella 2010 FAKE? Poster Part 1

Hello boys and girls its time to show you the first Coachella 2010 FAKE? Poster/Lineup! If this this isn’t the first correct me if I’m wrong but its the first to me =). Either way I have to say I’m very excited about this poster as it has many exciting bands for me and bands that are actually possibilities! I know there are some overflows it seems like with too many ridiculously good bands! That could pose possible catastrophic conflictions that would ruin my life! I gotta say though over the years as much as I’ve panicked and lost sleep over scheduling conflictions when the big day comes Coachella always manages to keep the damages very minimal. It’s just always so dangerous to worry about where the big conflict will be? You make your priorities and pick your winner. Roll of the dice sometimes where you may have wished you did something different,but hey you learn and go next year! Anyways heres the poster! enjoy and maybe comment? Some interactions as I am a real person served to you in a digital format.

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7 Responses to “Coachella 2010 FAKE? Poster Part 1”

  1. I would not mind if this was line up. and putting lady gaga in the tent at the same time as daft punk would make more room for us at the main stage.

  2. So, you posted a poster that I helped create a few weeks ago and think this is fresh news? You sure are a smart one.

    See that?

  3. I did mr suprefan and I am simply sharing it to the world. Nowhere did I try to accept any credit except passing the word along =)

  4. haha, i saw this on that board and was gonna post it but figured everyone had seen it already

    Looks scary….SUnday looks like shit haha

  5. […] is becoming a regular addition to festival season, here is another fake 2010 Coachella line-up poster, presented by the internets. I don’t know internets, this […]

  6. I read gossips all over, that absolutely nothing in Drag queen Gaga is unique and that she is usually a copycat 😦 I nonetheless adore Lady Gaga coZ she roCks!!

  7. I feel far more folks need to read this, incredibly beneficial info.

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