Natural High 101: LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC


So many times Ive been in a place where I would probably prefer to not be (emotastic and poopy). I put on some music and hear a song and my whole mood changes! I get the chill up my back and the hair on my arms raise as a burst of magic in my brain has been released and all the weight of the world had been lifted as I float freely, lifiting my spirits and mind. Ah the intense feeling you can’t totally describe, but if you have ever experienced it, you know the high. This could come from a song with amazing lyrics or from an instrumental piece with only music that’s SO powerful and moving you don’t need words! Often I prefer it that way. Its like reading a book instead of watching a movie where your mind is free to feel its own emotions and paint its own picture without having someone or something show or tell you what your supposed to feel! Free to interpret as your feel! Music is amazing, it gives me a feeling like nothing else on this planet. Live events are great at achieving this, especially in a festival setting ( my favorite ) as it allows you to gather with other music junkies and lovers of the art. Attending these events gives you a great sense of being apart of something bigger and more incredible then anything in your day to day life! Its a true escape from all the horror and ugliness of the world as it shows things aren’t as bad as it seems when we are together enjoying and epic moment with one of your favorite bands. Adding to the already incredible music, being live brings a visual performance as well. Hopefully the band really does a good job at either being amazing performers or, they incorporate some kind of visual art or light show, the best is a combination of both! For me if a band cant pull off a good live performance, I find myself thinking eh nevermind and probably give them a little less credibility in my own world. I’m not speaking of having no light show or visuals either, this is solely the performance and presentation of the music. Did it sound the way its supposed to or better? If worse or subpar or what really kills me is if the artist doesn’t truely seem to give a shit about being in front a crowd performing. Get the hell off the stage if you dont wanna be there.The live event and real time performance with people in attendance is what its all about. If done right, the live show can be fantastic and highly reccommended! Other times its best to just be in the sanctuary of your own home, room or whatever living quarters you have. I enjoy turning off all the lights and turning on something amazing while laying on my bed. Taking in only the music and whatever my imagination and soul create to become inspired by. Next time you listen to music, dont just listen with your ears but feel it inside and let the music transcend you to a higher place no drug would ever dream of taking you to. When the musics over, be careful with the big comedown.
pretty lights!


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