The Times They Are A-Changin’

Yes I would have to say this is the dark ages if you so dare label it that. Over history most would have to consider these past years out of my 25 (almost 26) years in this present form the dark ones for sure. Ive lost loved ones, watched loved ones lose loved ones. My core nucleus of friends have all mostly moved away. Moving, changing, transitioning, growing into a man and losing so much all at the same time. I’m a little grayer, jaded to a sharpness that deals with no ignorance or irrational. Wisdom has come with age. I’m enlightened, but I still fail. You never forget where you come from. I struggle with that everyday. I feel more honest, but everyone lies. The world is ugly, full of greed, immaturity and sadness. I feel the anger the people present on the surface is from their deep and harsh insecurities and in reality comes from a weak and sad individual. People are shown and told what is supposed to be good and bad hip or cool before they can even multiply. So often kids are divided amongst just because of their brand of clothes or color of their hair. Its amazing what friendships might develop should people actually meet each other for who they are and not what they are dressed in. Such a sick world we live in, no wonder you left.

Besides crime, and shitty people, theres no money. Says who? I read consistently about oil companies profiting in the billions and always marking new record profits. Since when does making record breaking profits in the billions translate to having a recession? There’s plenty of money out there, We just dont have it! Tax my weed, profit from my weed and stop cutting back the schools funding and music programs, amongst a bunch of other things! We need people to stop this trend of morons learning life from MTV and other superficial shows who pour on the insecurities to our youth! Oh yeah no  money, when your government is corrupt and irresponsible owing upwards in the trillions of some number the scientists havnt gotten to inventing yet. That’s another reason we dont have any money. TAX MY WEED! A little off topic but to show how fucked our money distribution is my example comes from our health care system that rewards heads of the insurance companies for denying as many customers for health care as they can. Unlike in the UK where the doctors are rewarded for actually curing the patients, IE quitting smoking, getting over diseases ect. you can look into the details but thats that in a nutshull for my rant. The human race is deteriorating everytime MTV shows girls how their sweet 16 is supposed to be. Apparently its obnoxious, ridiculous and ungrateful. That show just spawns future whores and bitches of America.

I could go on and on about how horrible people are and how much our society makes me wanna puke but this is about ME! I say to hell with it all! I’m living and I must exist! Hunter’s idea of going crazy if he couldnt kill himself just means in a lighter definition is being in control of his own life without any interference from a job, woman, man, boss government, anything trying to control it, just him. I like this idea. I like thinking I have total control of my life and what I’m doing that day. Even though I’m driving in traffic and some ungodly hour to go to work to be on display for the creatures of the community to take shots at me, I could if I wanted turn the fuck around and drive to Hollywood to catch a show and say fuck it to work! Its all possible and you just eventually make a decision on whats important. What is your priorities? What are the consequences from each action? Overall what end result and conclusion will you be most satisfied and happy with? Sometimes you gotta step out of that “whats right” role and do what the fuck you need to do as a person and human being. You get one shot at this and thats whats up!

People always talk about a rough time period of their life and they become creative and grow inspiration from this cruel situation the dealer of life dealt you. So you write a story,book , poem, or SONG about it and overcoming adversity through these “tough times.”  This is my dark age and I got shit to say! To ever achieve or create or do anything worth while, you must DO something! Too often I’ve sat around not doing shit. The flood gates are open, just over the hill. I must stay motivated and we shall prevail!


One Response to “The Times They Are A-Changin’”

  1. Very Well Put, Mank.

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