UC Stanford and Weed Does a Body Good


College students of California, we need more money for us to educate you! Yesterday, University of California regents panel approved a 32% fee increase, or $2500 a student for undergraduate and graduate students. The decision will take effect in the 2010 spring and fall semesters raising fees over $10,000 per year! The justification for a such a dramatic fee increase is “to close the budget gap of $535 Million this year,” said UC President Mark Yudof. The new fees are expected to generate more than half a billion dollars, enabling the university to restore some of its worst cuts, Yudof said.

Of course students hear fee increase and immediately freak out. Students rallied in hundreds and thousands at UC campuses across the state including UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz. At the UCLA campus where the board meetings occures, student continuously disrupted the meeting as police cleared the room several times before the decision was finalized. Included with the disruption were 14 arrests, 12 being students.

One part some fail to notice is the fee increase is NOT for all UC students. This fee increase is only for those us who’s household income is $75,000 or more. Hmm, at this point I personally became a little less upset because I personally don’t make anywhere near that! Then my anger turns a little to those who are complaining about fee increases when it’s only effecting the rich kids who’s parents make over $70,000.

I have very little sympathy for you complainers. I mean it sucks, don’t get me wrong, paying $10,000 extra for anyone has to be a bad deal. But take in consideration, you must be alright if you are even attending a University in the first place. If your family makes over $70,000 you are doing much better and living pretty comfortably. So maybe you can’t go to Berkeley, and live in the nicest apartment and drive around a $35,000 car or even more.

To everyone complainers or not, I have my one and only solution to you. Legalize the most profitable crop known on earth and watch our state flourish with success. Fee increases aren’t going anywhere as UC President Mark Yudof told reporters Wednesday he couldn’t rule out raising student fees again if the state is unable to meet his request for an additional $913 million next year for the 10-campus system. Good luck with that as that is longshot request as the state projects a $21 billion budget gap and the state legislative analyst reported Wednesday that increased funding for higher education was unlikely. So what a better way to generate revenues then TAXING, REGULATING , and LEGALIZING MARIJUANA!

In addition to my persuasion for legalization for revenues, this clearly shows, Weed does a body good! Ask two time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum. Announced this morning, Tim Lincecum (15-7 265K 2.48 ERA) won the Cy Young award in a close 3 way race between the Cardinal’s Chris Carpenter (17-4, 2.24) and Adam Wainwright (19-8, 2.63). He was a little surprised ( as was I ) and accepted his award graciously. He thanked everyone and said this was a great award as an individual achievement but he wants that team World Series victory! The big part of the speech was the end where he apologized to everyone from the Giants Organization to most importantly, the fans for his marijuana related incident with the law last month. A real Class Act. Even though he got caught up and said he wouldnt do it anymore, it just shows smoking weed doesnt make you the terrorizer Reefer Madness makes you out to be.We look forward to more successful years from Tim as long as the Giants can land a deal as Mr. Lincecum’s stock just went up adding the second trophy to his shelf, next to his bong =).


One Response to “UC Stanford and Weed Does a Body Good”

  1. It’s so retarded that he actually has to “apologize” for having smoked weed? What if every athlete or celebrity who ever had a drink of alcohol had to publicly apologize? STUPID.

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