For Your Amusement Only Please

Before you say anything, to the junkies of  the Coachella world, I am well aware of this poster being shown and posted sometime last week, and more importantly totally fake. Having said that can we please just use this for some fun amusement and a little humor. The fever is strong so even a ridiculous mess like this is worth viewing.


Yeah okay you can throw up now and get angry about why I would even show such poop, but rest easy as I assure you this is just for shits and giggles. If Michael wasn’t gone I believe he would actually be a strong candidate for a headliner. I remember stating that the year Prince played. Coachella had Madonna and Prince so who else would be left to headline on that grand of scale besides the solo gloved moonwalker himself. Sorry superhero fans, don’t see any possiblities of the X-Men of Transformers holding any credibility. They were offered more then the Smiths but they still turned ’em down. Keep checking for more updates!


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