Clench Your Fists and Set Your Guitars to KILL!

Constantly looking and seeking new music that harnesses both beauty and destruction, thanks to Mr. Yukon Cornelius (my main music consultant for discoveries and information references) we have And So I Watch You From Afar! This band hailing from Belfast, England are some more of the next generation PostRock/Metal/Psychedelic dandies that deliver ALL the power and force you always wanted Explosions In The Sky to come driving through with, complimenting their beautiful cascading textures and melodies, but they always leave you with a softy. And So I Watch You From Afar’s self titled album delivers a climatic buildup from one instrument chords and riffs turned into a full overdriven force of distorto/delay explosion even metal masters could appreciate! They take you down lightly, nice and airy like everything is alright kinda feeling. Could we call it Melodic Metal? My only comparison or relation for this band is if Mogwai had a younger cousin from the UK who is doing everything harder, better faster and uh stronger? Mogwai is still the ultimate but either way I enjoy the deep contrast of floating in space on a good one, to being taken through a lightning bolt at 1.21 gigawatts! You wont travel through space or time, but it’s definitely the closest way to try! Listen to this album in its entirety and you wont be let down or even have the urge to skip to the next song. Each song is its own emotion and feel but never short of excellent with all the fixens. These guys are on my list for Coachella 2010 “Please Book This Band.” I anticipate they produce an amazing live performance from numerous videos and reviews I’ve read. Hopefully I will get the proper opportunity for the experience.


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