In an ugly world full of hate, rage, fear and sadness, let us remember that we don’t have it that bad. Let us get past what we don’t have or can’t afford. Somewhere there is someone who doesn’t have the simple things you take for granted; Shoes, water, shelter and love. Take a moment to reflect how you might not have it as bad as you think. Since you are reading this, things can’t be too bad because you are using a computer and the internet, which as common as they may be, for those less fortunate would be happy to just be inside the warm building you are in using this machine. If you comment as a smart ass and say you are outside and not inside a building, you must have it even better to be able to connect freely from wherever you are. Thanksgiving is not just about turkey and football. It certainly is NOT about crazy shopping “Black Friday” sales where retailers find the cheapest products, slap a shiny sticker on it call it a sale. The mindless consumer sees SALE and immediately assumes this must be the best price because of the day of the year it is. Pathetic if you ask me. The whole world has twisted Holidays into sick head games against the consumer who is so wrapped up into thinking they are getting a good deal, its just another reason for them to shop. As a retail employee we have sales every weekend on good items. We have blowout prices on DVDs and CDs all the time. Nobody wants to acknowledge this because we are fed to believe that the all mighty “Black Friday” will have the most ridiculous prices ever seen, every single year. Its gotten so bad my manager showed a customer the Friday ad assuring the customer the item he wanted now IS less then it will be on that Friday. The actual ad was presented and the customer was still not convinced it would be the best deal. As mentioned before, it’s some bootleg items you never heard of or models not usually stocked that are manufactured specifically for that day. If it just so happens to be something worth while, be my guest to be one to the drones who lineup into the cattle call just after they finish their dinner. Go wait in the cold overnight and hope to be one of the “chosen ones” for the super amazing laptop. Thanksgiving is not about sales, turkeys or touchdowns, but rather remembering what you are thankful for as a member of this universe.


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