You Know Shits Gone Weird When I Have a PG&E Account

I have drafts upon drafts of started and incomplete stories, times, tales and ideas. None of these have yet to be completed because my head often feels it will explode with all the stuff I want to say about it, which then becomes something else of its own and now I’m constructing two rediculous ideas while trying to express them in full detail while thoughts are spiraling out of control! So I’m here to rant, do a little rambling and maybe and say whats up.

First let me say we are definitely in a new wave of times as I now have my name with PG&E. I must be a grownup because I even qualified to have my deposit waived because my credit was worthy. Score, paying all those Sprint bills on time pays off. I think being approved for a home qualifies too. Oh did I forget to mention that? I own a house now too. FUCKING CRAZY. Words cannot describe and I don’t even really have any emotion for it yet because I’m not there, my stuff isn’t there and I am NOT looking forward to doing the boring parts. Once we are able to unload our stuff and put items where they belong, things will be official. To have my musical domain fully operational 100% of the time is going to be amazing. But we still have to pack, and clean and yeah lets go elsewhere…

So last night I officially figured out I NEED a DSLR camera to produce the material I want to achieve. Side by side I was shown countless comparisons of how my camera could not achieve the quality of the DSLR in comparison. Some might say no shit it would be better but I needed that first hand experience and I am convinced. DLSR IS A MUST
Anyone wanna donate to my BUY ME A DSLR CAMERA FUND? if interested ill shoot you me email address for paypal =)

So yeah had a real good time with the homies, a much needed romp around the greasy streets of San Francisco. Greasy in a good way as we were in the heart of the meatball and everything garlic! Northbeach district in “Little Italy” as some call it. Yes James needed the shots for a project and his camera more then delivered results, but his memory card failed him. The matter is being addressed and action is in place for a full redo!

I am itching to get a new camera  that has the ability to take those full detailed low artificial light beauties James’ camera produced. Unlike mine that were full of sand and grain =(. We tried all different settings, attempts and adjustments, but the camera couldn’t produce in those conditions. These conditions are crucial for what I need a camera to be able to do, so a new one is in order!  (Again ask for that paypal address if you wanna help!) I’ll probably clean some up in photoshop and see what its magical powers can work over on these sandy pictures.

Alright world until next time. I better hit send before I think I can make this “better” and never actually complete it.


2 Responses to “You Know Shits Gone Weird When I Have a PG&E Account”

  1. Don’t be dissin’ the Sony cameras, son! This shit has lasted me years now…and I can’t afford a new one so I gotta pretend its amazing haha

    • cuzinmank Says:

      hey hey just dissin mine haha urs wins! james asked me what u had i said the same as me cept from the year prior and he was impressed by the quality u get, master photoman.

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