Sell Yourself On Front Street

This is simple. This post is to whore me out it a little and put myself on blast. Normally I would feel reserved and timid, concealing what there is, BE it a song or story, in hopes of making it better or  more official. Nothing is wrong with a little critique or modification for improvement, its just I am a person who will never commit and finalize a piece so I end up with nothing. Instead of being over critical and “safe,” I’ve decided to say fuck it and let it all hang out.  Have this for what it is and see what happens next. Nobody knows whats gonna happen, but I do know If I don’t do anything NOTHING will happen for sure. So instead of sitting around NOT doing something, take this for what it is. With perfection and a “standard” I’ve created and built up inside myself, its led to a block from myself to create and express clearly as I’ve made myself extremely too self conscious. I’ve sat on ideas or songs solely because I wanted to wait until the ultimate song or story was created in all its glory before exposing myself to the world or well to anyone. I’ve realized to only way to even try achieve anything worth while or even “great” you MUST DO IT! “Shoot from the hip!”

So here we are, I’ve blogged about whatever I’ve wanted to say, still trying to maintain some kind of entertaining idea or enlightening thought. I have been posting videos from concerts and festivals over the past couple years on YouTube. Recently I’ve made my music page on Myspace a little more known but still not totally on blast. I have mixed feelings about it for different reasons, one being how good I feel the song are. I know I”ll never be totally satisfied with anything I do. Writing, song creating or deciding on what to wear. Until I actually do it I’m a wreck trying to decide what will be the greatest outcome. Whatever I decide, it usually is an amazing choice and I’m happy to have done it. Posting the music out there, I felt I should just throw it out there and take criticism and critique as it comes. Talk me some shit or tell me its dope, I just want the truth. Please don’t ever label me, because I don’t and won’t only make one kind of music….

Newest venture hobby that I’ve recently taken a little more seriously is photography. I’ve always like taking pictures, having pictures, capturing moments and having them to reminisce with. I enjoy taking pictures of all the wonderful festivals and concerts I attend also. Talk about moments to remember and amazing scenery! Don’t forget the bands and the “HOW THE FUCK IS GOING ON” moments from all their intense light shows and stage presence. Yes I love to capture these times while letting my senses run wild. Often becomes distracting, but its all worth it back at camp having those images and videos to remind yourself what the fuck you just did and can you believe that really just happened!? Ah I can’t not think about Coachella…Tickets purchased and ready for takeoff. I don’t even know who’s playing, but we all have some pretty good ideas =)

On to the whoring…..

So here’s my sites…love em, like em, hate em.
To be updated at any given time.

Improvements are inevitable, as I wont regress…





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