Christmas In The City

So after writing the previous blog I became inspired and desired some adventure! I headed out with my new camera and a finely rolled dandy ready for some action! Short lived inspiration as I began to hit old man syndrome and looked at the time and realized it was already 1030 and it was Christmas Eve and I should stay home, but I head out anyways. I drove around a bit looking for a good spot in town, avoiding my original idea of a photo opp up on Fish Ranch Road. Only to delay the inevitable, I gave up almost immediately on staying in town and headed to Concord. Picked up Alicia, all bundled and cute, we crept a little further outta town still shying away from Fish Ranch. We attempted an overhead shot of the traffic over 24 East in Lafayette, but not enough light and well to be honest the scenery was whatev. On top of all that I was paranoid and scared of heights even with the chain link fence. That blasted fence also prevented any potential photos. Not knowing what to do or where to go wondering if I should just head home, I began to just drive and ended up the wrong direction on freeway to be going home so we went with it. Alicia said “Maybe it was supposed to happen,” I agreed it might be meant to be. So onward we headed! Without any effort we were on top of Grizzly Peak overlooking Oakland and San Francisco Bay. Amazing and beautiful, but nothing too magnificent captured from the camera. I looked at the time acting old again and Alicia mentioned being so close to city we might as well…
We continued moving toward San Francisco and I asked Alicia if she had any money for the bridge as our new destination would cost us a ride on the bridge. She found a fresh, crisp $5 in which she had no idea where or how she got it. By this time midnight had passed it was officially Christmas! As we approached the toll, and I attempt to hand the man the money and to my amazement and confusion, he doesn’t take the money and begins talking. This is odd immediately to me as these toll masters never say shit so I think something is wrong with my money or something. To my surprise, he points ahead and says, “They paid for you,” gesturing to the car ahead who I have no idea who they are and had no interaction with. This simple act of kindness on this odd and strange Christmas Eve, now officially Christmas at this time, sealed the deal for the trip was officially meant to happen and be something amazing! We both got new life and energy as this moment so crazy as this must mean something, and was a worthy trip no matter the results of the photos. We drove half way across the bridge to our new destination, Treasure Island, in hopes of capturing something marvelous. I remembered from the festival we attended this place having some pretty good views of the city and the Bay Bridge. When we arrived we saw exactly what we had came for.

View From The Island

Regardless of any photos or pictures, I just felt the need to get out and do something for myself. I had nothing going on and I wanted some adventure, so we hit the streets. I had a wonderful time and I’m ready for Christmas. Goodnight.


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