I Say What I Want!

Alright alright isn’t this site supposed to give some kind of music recommendations or insight? Isn’t this where you can see videos and pictures of exciting concert action from the center of it all? Can’t you come here to find out what you should be listening to or what you should be supporting at your local venues? What the hell is with all the life and personal insight enlightenment dialogue about then? Well as the name of the blog states it is in fact CuzinmankSays, implying I’ll be saying something about whatever the hell I want and giving opinions. With giving ones opinion comes a ramble and and a natural insight on what ever the opinion might be. You could say I lost focus if I was trying to keep this all about music and Coachella updates, as you might have noticed this very post is another insight and explanation of what the fuck is going on it my head and not about music. Well all I can say is anything is possible. I’ll always have something to say.

I am finally settling in to the new living environment and all of my stuff is in its most creative places to give me the ability to do something at any given time. Wanna make a jam or a slapper beat at 243AM? Feel free. I can do as I please and wont be restricted and put restraints on creativity. Let it flow freely!

So its 2010 now lets begin. Ah shit a cheesy one liner to welcome in a new year that is actually 2 weeks deep. Well as in most things in life I am late, and it wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t late on writing this too. Photography has taken a hold of my life as my newest passion and has swept me off my feet. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing it longer as it really is something I feel passionate about. I look forward to taking more pictures and using more techniques. Along with the beautiful images that are captured, I enjoy the sense of adventure seeking new spots for shots and scenes. New places and new adventures, good times. I Look forward to more outings.

Alright we discussed all that bull now lets talk about what we all are thinking about. This is January and the only thing that is good about this month for me is the fact Coachella usually drops the lineup on us starving Coachellers seeking our fix and finding out what rumors actually amounted to any truth. We are here to find out this years destiny! Either way this is some serious shit! The biggest event of my year is pretty much locked in with this very moment the lineup drops. Of course as most Coachellers know Coachella is FAMOUS for dropping much larger and earth shaking bands to the lineup weeks, even months after the initial lineup is announced. Unfortunately unlike Bonnaroo, Coachella doesn’t announce known rounds of additions like Roo does. Coachella always adds someone, be it the smallest name on the list, to some guy named Prince. You never know what year will add something huge and amazing or just fillers.  So don’t you worry if the lineup looks a little light or not up to your likings off the initial list. One thing is do yourself a favor and discover a new band by just investigating the names on the lineup. Use your resources! You know you have a Myspace account even if you don’t log into it anymore, go listen to those weird named bands on the poster, I know someone will blow your mind! Not only will this allow you to achieve to ability to discover a great new band but you will also be a trained and a highly skilled individual. You will have the knowledge and insight of each band which will allow you to achieve greatness and see all the amazing acts and not miss someone you wished you didn’t! (Assuming no scheduling conflicts either which are another huge issue and worry).  Nobody wants to go each year and watch the same shit each year, even though I could do some again, others need only be done once because that one time will never be duplicated. It’s kinda like doing a remake of a movie that was so amazing the first time and doing either a remake or a sequel which destroys the beauty and magic of the first and original. Seek out a new experience with a new band. Often I’ve tried to duplicate feelings or emotions certain bands have given me and then been let down when something didn’t match a previous experience. Allow yourself a new experience and time! So remember do your homework for a full Coachella that will leave you with a new favorite band and memories of a time that inspired and change your life. I know it happens to me every single year.

The rumors seem to be hot and I enjoy a significant amount of the “expected” names listed. Some of my notable mentions that I believe to be there and would be happy to have them are:

Pretty Lights – If they don’t have this guy, this isn’t Coachella. Will Steal Show GUARANTEED!

LCD Soundsystem ( this is a newer rumor to me, but happy! )

Muse – Would love to see these guys play a well deserved headline spot at Coach

Phoenix – I think I like these guys, 2 chances to see em, still haven’t but will give them a chance

Spoon – I enjoy their energy and diversity still maintained in their genre

Vampire Weekend – Can you do it again? I’ll be listening to your new album and reviewing soon…

Avett Brothers – Nobody rocks out harder or sweatier on a stand up bass or banjo then these guys

Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros – Bring them to me during daytime/afternoon outdoor theater with GOOD sound techies please! This band brings the energy and an all out singalong!

There is a bunch of other possibilities and names floating around but those are the ones I think to actually be there. There is another name that have been circulating that I am NOT in favor of and that is Soundgarden. Please don’t do it or if you do, hook us up royally somewhere else on another tent or stage. Soundgarden reuniting is just as exciting as flushing a toilet. Yay.

Well kids this is all I got for now. Coachella lineup is just around the corner and even though I told YOU to go investigate, as I do my own research for the next life changing band, I’ll be sharing here with you. Can’t wait to see what other bands of mine I didn’t mention that might show up and others I will find out for the first time. Go see a show! I know I need to!



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