Midnight Rider Gonna Let It All Hang Out

If ya don’t know, now you know! Pretty Lights debuted 2 new tracks at his spectacular NYE show in Chicago which are available for download off his site (like all of his material!). First Track I listened to was titled After Midnight which immediately hooks you with the main jam from the Allman Brothers Midnight Rider layered cleverly over a head bobbin beat. Next is the fun part when Erik Clapton/JJ Cale lets you know how a Pretty Lights crowd gets down by letting it All hang out! All your favorite Pretty Lights chops,edits,zip zwomp synth attacks and whole lotta body moving created by this music. The next track (which is actually the first track on the download) titled Final Countdown is a powerful track that uses a very familiar horn synth sample from a song I know I’ve heard but never knew who it was. Partially because it sounds like a butt-rockish Rocky song.

Come to find out its the band Europe’s Final Countdown song, so I guess it was butt-rockish after all. Never the less this was done ever so tastefully with plenty of buildups and climaxes to really feel the music and grab some emotion brought to you by Dj Shadow’s Midnight In a Perfect World mashed with Europe! Since this is a live show, you get to hear the countdown to 2010 New Year then the real party starts…Its A Celebration! =) DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT!


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