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More Than Just Beats and Blinking Lights

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New Pretty Lights album dropped yesterday in no other fashion but FREE from his website. No better way to describe the album but from the artists own words:

Making Up A Changing Mind is a collection of six tracks, produced in January and February of 2010. Stylistica…lly I fuse hip-hop production with elements of electro & dubstep, and combine that with the organic timbres and raw feeling of old school soul & funk, to, hopefully channel a number of feelings that pertain to the concept of the EP… In more than one way, this EP is a reflection of the massive changes I’m going through in my life and recent decisions I’ve had to make regarding my relationships, my career, and my music. From the lyrics of the vocal samples, to the fusion of production styles, even to the model and timeframe in which this EP is being released… this album speaks to the importance of adapting in a changing and surprising world. All will change with time… the future none can see. In the reconciliation of seemingly opposing options (making up a changing mind) we can hope to find new perspectives and better ways to move forward. ~Derek Vincent Smith

Digging deeper into an artists psyche and gaining insight on what they were feeling when producing their art usually gives me more of an appreciation for the music and the person. This just proves that point again that this guy is not just making hits for the masses to make the all mighty dollar. As if it wasn’t obvious already, he only distributes his music online free of charge. After a quick listen before heading off to work box, I can only say this album continues with the infectious grooves and  head bobbing space beats. All the emotion promised is delivered with samples spanning the decades, even a little 1920’s horn breakdown something a flapper would groove to. The song that took my breath away was “Understand Me Now,” it just really hits it you in a place that if you haven’t felt the feeling before, it’s hard to explain. The entire album has its differences, some to make to make you dance, some to make you dream, all will make you feel. Download this album and experience something you never knew was possible.



Pajama Pants Jesus Delivers Religious Experience With Music and Reverb

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After enduring a less then spectacular performance (to be nice about it) by The Watson Twins, and a short amount of time to set up the 10 piece band and ensure enough reverb was on queue, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s abruptly took the stage laughing about it and told the crowd “It felt like the wrong time to go on so we did” setting the tone for what kind of night it would be. The show was everything spectacular is supposed to mean and more. Armed with only a scarf, pajama pants, and a wife beater, band leader Alex Ebert (or the fictitious Edward Sharpe) and fellow merry makers ran through their album full of ballad sing-a-longs and empowering harmonies. The barefoot Alex talked about his Pre-dirtied pajama pants he had received earlier from a friend. The set was an excellent mix of slower spacey songs then back to a foot stomping shout with audience participation and interaction. Jade with an Audrey Hepburn 60’s type style, asked Alex if he wanted to go Home and immediately the crowd went into a full on sing-a-long and stomp. The shared experience up the interaction when a bearded fellow with a violin  crowd surfed to the front and was invited on stage by Alex and to play the whistle solo in the middle of the song and a freestyle violin jam at the end.  Full audience participation was required once more on the final song as some were invited on the stage as Alex claimed he “couldn’t do it by himself.” The rest of the crowd in the audience was instructed to be seated and enjoy the song sitting, giving a more intimate setting and a real nice touch. The modern day Jesus ( as he looks ) made a pirate hat sing and his band including 9 0ther members ranging from guitars, congas, pianos and even an accordion delivered power of the Arcade Fire but in a more vintage 60’s  style. The fully confident and care free band leader was fully interactive with the crowd laughing into the reverb saturated microphones. Alex and band made this show a moving and religious experience as one audience member stated, ” Felt like she had just gone to church and was touched in a spiritual way unlike any other show in a long time.” Something beautiful if you ask me ,and No I assure you she was Not on acid =).

Unfortunately the venue for the show seemed to act like this was a very strict camera/recording policy but of course there were glows everywhere in the crowd. I must invest in a small pocket camera again for these “no camera” shows I laugh at. The pictures provided are from a fortunate one with camera access, but it’s hard to capture the magic. If you have the opportunity to see them, I highly recommend it for a higher experience, you might only find at church, but fortunately Edward and His Zero’s are preaching the church of love and music.

all pictures by christopher victorio of SfWeekly