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The lineup is finally here and it is as big as I promised! Most if not all the names I have been throwing at you from the sources from the internet (especially Consequence of Sound) have indeed become a reality and am personally very happy with the results of the initial lineup. Some might not be too thrilled, even with some of the amazing bands that are billed. Don’t worry kids as I’ve told you all many times, these Coachella promoters love to give us something to chew on, and then over the course of the months leading up to the actual event they add bands. A lot of smaller bands and midlevel acts to fill in the bill, but sometimes you will get a name that will change it all causing the world to go into a frenzy! That’s the beauty of Coachella. Enough talk here it is:

FRIDAY APRIL 16: Jay-Z, LCD Soundsystem, Them Crooked Vultures, Vampire Weekend, Deadmau5, Public Image Limited, The Specials, Grizzly Bear, Passion Pit, Echo and the Bunnymen, Benny Benassi, Fever Ray, Grace Jones, She & Him, Erol Alkan, The Avett Brothers, Calle 13, The Whitest Boy Alive, The Cribs, La Roux, Yeasayer, Lucero, DJ Lance Rock, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Proxy, Ra Ra Riot, Deer Tick, Wolfgang Gartner, Aeroplane, Iglu & Hartly, Sleigh Bells, P.O.S., Baroness, Hockey, Little Dragon, White Rabbits, Wale, Kate Miller-Heidke, As Tall as Lions, Jets Overhead, Alana Grace, Pablo Hassan.

SATURDAY, APRIL 17: Muse, Faith No More, Tiësto, MGMT, David Guetta, The Dead Weather, Hot Chip, Devo, Coheed and Cambria, Kaskade, 2Many DJ’s, Major Lazer, Dirty Projectors, Gossip, Z-Trip, The xx, John Waters, Les Claypool, The Raveonettes, Mew, Sia, Camera Obscura, Tokyo Police Club, Porcupine Tree, Old Crow Medicine Show, Aterciopalados, Bassnectar, Frightened Rabbit, Dirty South, Flying Lotus, Corinne Bailey Rae, Pretty Lights, Shooter Jennings, RX Bandits, The Almighty Defenders, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Craze & Klever, Zoe, The Temper Trap, Portugal. The Man, Band of Skulls, Girls, Beach House, Steel Train, Frank Turner.

SUNDAY, APRIL 18: Gorillaz, Pavement, Thom Yorke????, Phoenix, Orbital, Spoon, Sly and the Family Stone, De La Soul, Julian Casablancas, Plastikman, Gary Numan, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sunny Day Real Estate, Yo La Tengo, MUTEMATH, Deerhunter, Infected Mushroom, Club 75, Matt & Kim, The Big Pink, Gil Scott-Heron, King Khan and the Shrines, Florence and the Machine, Yann Tiersen, Little Boots, Miike Snow, Talvin Singh, Ceu, B.o.B., Babasonicos, Owen Pallett, The Glitch Mob, Mayer Hawthorne, Local Natives, Rusko, The Middle East, Hadouken!, The Soft Pack, Kevin Devine, Paparazzi, Delphic, One EskimO.

As mentioned previously, I am very happy with this lineup and cannot wait to go! So many good names, so many potential new favorites, I look forward to investigating and researching these bands. I will be posting rumors, band additions, my finds and my recommendations for this years festival as move we forward to the festival. Some exciting months ahead of us with more band adds, more rumors and whole lot of new music to discover! Check back for updates and let the countdown begin!


The Lineup Is Coming, The End Is Near!

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So here we are coming ever closer to the big announcement that will be our fate as Coachella’s lineup shall be announced! Most of us are sitting around trying not to look at the time and are clicking and refreshing various sites hoping for the first sign of a leak or big announcement. The rumors have been flying high as we come near reality. Consequence of Sound mentions Muse to be a lock for Friday, Jay-Z apparently is Saturday, and The Gorillaz to be closing out Sunday. Jay-Z might not be everyones favorite brew, but Coachella will definitly be hooking it up with someone amazing in the other tents, especially the Sahara or “Dance Tent” as it’s often referred to by, with names like LCD Soundsystem, Pretty Lights, and now rumors surfacing of Underworld finally making a long awaited reappearance since 2003. There will be plenty to do this year friends as tons of additional rumors regarding bands like Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Orbital, Porcupine Tree, Avett Brothers, Devo, Spoon, Passion Pit, Deerhunter, Yeasayer , The XX, Miike Snow, The Dirty Projectors, The Beastie Boys, The Dead Weather, Cornelius, Tiesto, and even some more! Wow I’m not sure which of all those will materialize to become a reality, but damn this year looks like it’s gonna be fun as hell! I can’t wait to see the lineup and I know my eyes wont be able to read it fast enough! I’ll try my best not to shit myself but its cool I got a change of pants. As always, KROQ promises to announce the lineup sometime tomorrow morning but we all hope once the clock strikes midnight our prize will be delivered. I sure hope so because I hate finding out the lineup while I’m working, which is where I’ll be tomorrow morning. This is it friends, the lineup is coming! Good Luck!

This Year’s Destiny Served Tuesday, Coachella Lineup 2010!

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I might be late in conveying my late night/early mornings findings, but either way here it is via our friends at Consequence of Sound:

By CoS Staff on January 15th, 2010

Coachella 2010 lineup due out Tuesday; here’s what we know!

When you log onto your computer Tuesday morning, following a weekend of rest and relaxation, the 2010 lineup for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be available for your viewing pleasure –barring any last minute problems! Of course, having just read that, you’ll probably now dedicate your entire weekend to hitting the refresh button. That’s ok, because we will be too.

Anyhow, we have spent the last few days emailing and calling anyone who may know anything, and thought we’d share the results with you ahead of the big announcement. Here’s what we know:

As mentioned, the lineup will be officially announced Tuesday morning on KROQ radio in Los Angeles. Based on past experience, we can assume the lineup will be unveiled, via Coachella.com or the Los Angeles Times, sometime around 12:00am PST. So, expect no sleep.

As best we can tell, the lineup should look something like this: Muse will headline Friday, while the Gorillaz will debut its latest album, Plastic Beach, by closing out the festival on Sunday. Saturday remains a bit unclear and, according to several folks with knowledge of the festival, could play out in one of two ways: A “surprise” headliner or Jay-Z, who would apparently be accompanied by Kanye West and Alicia Keys. At this moment, it is unknown who that “surprise” headliner may be or what factor will determine the two options.

Others names we expect to appear on the lineup include the Beastie Boys, Faith No More, Wilco, LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, Spoon, Yeasayer, Hot Chip, Devo, The Dead Weather, Passion Pit, She & Him, The Big Pink, and The xx.

An appearance by Pavement, which at one point appeared to be a given before rumors surfaced the band would not be playing, still remains a possibility. According to a person familiar with the band’s plans, “don’t count them out.”

A separate source has told us that Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is set to appear at Indio for a solo performance, however, we have been unable to confirm this.

We’ll of course continue working throughout the weekend and will let you know as soon as we hear more. Be sure to check out our Coachella Outlook page for all the latest lineup news and rumors….

Shit your pants a little? I did! Can we believe this breaking news or will this lead us to follow a dead trail like last year? Last year seemed to have hit a bump when Paul had to assure us everything was fine but the lineup would be delayed. I feel confident though and believe we shall have our initial lineup this Tuesday! Might I also add with all the mentioned names on the “expected” list I am very happy and excited to see them! Stay tuned folks for my reaction and responses as soon as it is humanly possible following the unvealing!

I Say What I Want!

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Alright alright isn’t this site supposed to give some kind of music recommendations or insight? Isn’t this where you can see videos and pictures of exciting concert action from the center of it all? Can’t you come here to find out what you should be listening to or what you should be supporting at your local venues? What the hell is with all the life and personal insight enlightenment dialogue about then? Well as the name of the blog states it is in fact CuzinmankSays, implying I’ll be saying something about whatever the hell I want and giving opinions. With giving ones opinion comes a ramble and and a natural insight on what ever the opinion might be. You could say I lost focus if I was trying to keep this all about music and Coachella updates, as you might have noticed this very post is another insight and explanation of what the fuck is going on it my head and not about music. Well all I can say is anything is possible. I’ll always have something to say.

I am finally settling in to the new living environment and all of my stuff is in its most creative places to give me the ability to do something at any given time. Wanna make a jam or a slapper beat at 243AM? Feel free. I can do as I please and wont be restricted and put restraints on creativity. Let it flow freely!

So its 2010 now lets begin. Ah shit a cheesy one liner to welcome in a new year that is actually 2 weeks deep. Well as in most things in life I am late, and it wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t late on writing this too. Photography has taken a hold of my life as my newest passion and has swept me off my feet. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing it longer as it really is something I feel passionate about. I look forward to taking more pictures and using more techniques. Along with the beautiful images that are captured, I enjoy the sense of adventure seeking new spots for shots and scenes. New places and new adventures, good times. I Look forward to more outings.

Alright we discussed all that bull now lets talk about what we all are thinking about. This is January and the only thing that is good about this month for me is the fact Coachella usually drops the lineup on us starving Coachellers seeking our fix and finding out what rumors actually amounted to any truth. We are here to find out this years destiny! Either way this is some serious shit! The biggest event of my year is pretty much locked in with this very moment the lineup drops. Of course as most Coachellers know Coachella is FAMOUS for dropping much larger and earth shaking bands to the lineup weeks, even months after the initial lineup is announced. Unfortunately unlike Bonnaroo, Coachella doesn’t announce known rounds of additions like Roo does. Coachella always adds someone, be it the smallest name on the list, to some guy named Prince. You never know what year will add something huge and amazing or just fillers.  So don’t you worry if the lineup looks a little light or not up to your likings off the initial list. One thing is do yourself a favor and discover a new band by just investigating the names on the lineup. Use your resources! You know you have a Myspace account even if you don’t log into it anymore, go listen to those weird named bands on the poster, I know someone will blow your mind! Not only will this allow you to achieve to ability to discover a great new band but you will also be a trained and a highly skilled individual. You will have the knowledge and insight of each band which will allow you to achieve greatness and see all the amazing acts and not miss someone you wished you didn’t! (Assuming no scheduling conflicts either which are another huge issue and worry).  Nobody wants to go each year and watch the same shit each year, even though I could do some again, others need only be done once because that one time will never be duplicated. It’s kinda like doing a remake of a movie that was so amazing the first time and doing either a remake or a sequel which destroys the beauty and magic of the first and original. Seek out a new experience with a new band. Often I’ve tried to duplicate feelings or emotions certain bands have given me and then been let down when something didn’t match a previous experience. Allow yourself a new experience and time! So remember do your homework for a full Coachella that will leave you with a new favorite band and memories of a time that inspired and change your life. I know it happens to me every single year.

The rumors seem to be hot and I enjoy a significant amount of the “expected” names listed. Some of my notable mentions that I believe to be there and would be happy to have them are:

Pretty Lights – If they don’t have this guy, this isn’t Coachella. Will Steal Show GUARANTEED!

LCD Soundsystem ( this is a newer rumor to me, but happy! )

Muse – Would love to see these guys play a well deserved headline spot at Coach

Phoenix – I think I like these guys, 2 chances to see em, still haven’t but will give them a chance

Spoon – I enjoy their energy and diversity still maintained in their genre

Vampire Weekend – Can you do it again? I’ll be listening to your new album and reviewing soon…

Avett Brothers – Nobody rocks out harder or sweatier on a stand up bass or banjo then these guys

Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros – Bring them to me during daytime/afternoon outdoor theater with GOOD sound techies please! This band brings the energy and an all out singalong!

There is a bunch of other possibilities and names floating around but those are the ones I think to actually be there. There is another name that have been circulating that I am NOT in favor of and that is Soundgarden. Please don’t do it or if you do, hook us up royally somewhere else on another tent or stage. Soundgarden reuniting is just as exciting as flushing a toilet. Yay.

Well kids this is all I got for now. Coachella lineup is just around the corner and even though I told YOU to go investigate, as I do my own research for the next life changing band, I’ll be sharing here with you. Can’t wait to see what other bands of mine I didn’t mention that might show up and others I will find out for the first time. Go see a show! I know I need to!


Christmas In The City

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So after writing the previous blog I became inspired and desired some adventure! I headed out with my new camera and a finely rolled dandy ready for some action! Short lived inspiration as I began to hit old man syndrome and looked at the time and realized it was already 1030 and it was Christmas Eve and I should stay home, but I head out anyways. I drove around a bit looking for a good spot in town, avoiding my original idea of a photo opp up on Fish Ranch Road. Only to delay the inevitable, I gave up almost immediately on staying in town and headed to Concord. Picked up Alicia, all bundled and cute, we crept a little further outta town still shying away from Fish Ranch. We attempted an overhead shot of the traffic over 24 East in Lafayette, but not enough light and well to be honest the scenery was whatev. On top of all that I was paranoid and scared of heights even with the chain link fence. That blasted fence also prevented any potential photos. Not knowing what to do or where to go wondering if I should just head home, I began to just drive and ended up the wrong direction on freeway to be going home so we went with it. Alicia said “Maybe it was supposed to happen,” I agreed it might be meant to be. So onward we headed! Without any effort we were on top of Grizzly Peak overlooking Oakland and San Francisco Bay. Amazing and beautiful, but nothing too magnificent captured from the camera. I looked at the time acting old again and Alicia mentioned being so close to city we might as well…
We continued moving toward San Francisco and I asked Alicia if she had any money for the bridge as our new destination would cost us a ride on the bridge. She found a fresh, crisp $5 in which she had no idea where or how she got it. By this time midnight had passed it was officially Christmas! As we approached the toll, and I attempt to hand the man the money and to my amazement and confusion, he doesn’t take the money and begins talking. This is odd immediately to me as these toll masters never say shit so I think something is wrong with my money or something. To my surprise, he points ahead and says, “They paid for you,” gesturing to the car ahead who I have no idea who they are and had no interaction with. This simple act of kindness on this odd and strange Christmas Eve, now officially Christmas at this time, sealed the deal for the trip was officially meant to happen and be something amazing! We both got new life and energy as this moment so crazy as this must mean something, and was a worthy trip no matter the results of the photos. We drove half way across the bridge to our new destination, Treasure Island, in hopes of capturing something marvelous. I remembered from the festival we attended this place having some pretty good views of the city and the Bay Bridge. When we arrived we saw exactly what we had came for.

View From The Island

Regardless of any photos or pictures, I just felt the need to get out and do something for myself. I had nothing going on and I wanted some adventure, so we hit the streets. I had a wonderful time and I’m ready for Christmas. Goodnight.

Merry Christmas

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Rejoice! I made it through another retail holiday with all my marbles in tact. As I was driving home on this Christmas Eve, I realized everything visually seemed like Christmas Eve, but nothing else. The lights, the packages , the crowds the weather, all Christmas, but inside myself the feeling of Christmas was vacant. The spirit and the magic of Christmas Eve as I once knew and loved it to be was not there. No excitement for anticipating the next day or even the excitement of what could happen that very night! Most importantly, no family celebration. Now tomorrow for the actual Christmas Day, I’ll be joined by both loved ones and friends but this night used to be almost just as special to me. So to not do this and just sit around like its not Christmas Eve just feels horribly wrong. I feel like I used to live this perfect life I wouldn’t trade for anything, I’d definitely trade it all now to be able to go back to then. You really don’t realize how good or special something is until its ripped from you forever with no explanation, rhyme or reason. You’re just left to try to figure out what the fuck your supposed to do to maintain and keep sane. It becomes even more challenging around holidays or special times of the year then just managing regular days. Shit sucks but I’m not here to complain. I’m here to remind you all once again not to take anything in your life for granted and cherish what you have. This holiday along with many others has been corrupted and turned evil by the idea of expecting gifts and spending rediculous amounts of money and time for the newest toy. Yes I know it tough when these toys will bring our kids/friends/family so much joy and happiness and that IS what its all about, but I think we have gotten a little out of control. People still need to realize at the end of the day Christmas is not about getting things from people because you assume its expected. I know Im 100% guilty of this but I have a new perspective and look on the world these days. As real as Santa is or not, even HE could not deliver the one gift I could ask for. So remember tomorrow when you don’t get everything you may have asked for, remember the faces and the people who even give you anything and cherish the times you have with them. This is not a sad message its just the truth. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine when my people will be around me tomorrow making my Christmas Feeling once again refilled. Until tomorrow I have my parents, my girl, my doggie and my Music.  To all the people I wont see tomorrow, I wish the best to you and hope to see you sooner then Coachella =). Merry Christmas World.

Sell Yourself On Front Street

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This is simple. This post is to whore me out it a little and put myself on blast. Normally I would feel reserved and timid, concealing what there is, BE it a song or story, in hopes of making it better or  more official. Nothing is wrong with a little critique or modification for improvement, its just I am a person who will never commit and finalize a piece so I end up with nothing. Instead of being over critical and “safe,” I’ve decided to say fuck it and let it all hang out.  Have this for what it is and see what happens next. Nobody knows whats gonna happen, but I do know If I don’t do anything NOTHING will happen for sure. So instead of sitting around NOT doing something, take this for what it is. With perfection and a “standard” I’ve created and built up inside myself, its led to a block from myself to create and express clearly as I’ve made myself extremely too self conscious. I’ve sat on ideas or songs solely because I wanted to wait until the ultimate song or story was created in all its glory before exposing myself to the world or well to anyone. I’ve realized to only way to even try achieve anything worth while or even “great” you MUST DO IT! “Shoot from the hip!”

So here we are, I’ve blogged about whatever I’ve wanted to say, still trying to maintain some kind of entertaining idea or enlightening thought. I have been posting videos from concerts and festivals over the past couple years on YouTube. Recently I’ve made my music page on Myspace a little more known but still not totally on blast. I have mixed feelings about it for different reasons, one being how good I feel the song are. I know I”ll never be totally satisfied with anything I do. Writing, song creating or deciding on what to wear. Until I actually do it I’m a wreck trying to decide what will be the greatest outcome. Whatever I decide, it usually is an amazing choice and I’m happy to have done it. Posting the music out there, I felt I should just throw it out there and take criticism and critique as it comes. Talk me some shit or tell me its dope, I just want the truth. Please don’t ever label me, because I don’t and won’t only make one kind of music….

Newest venture hobby that I’ve recently taken a little more seriously is photography. I’ve always like taking pictures, having pictures, capturing moments and having them to reminisce with. I enjoy taking pictures of all the wonderful festivals and concerts I attend also. Talk about moments to remember and amazing scenery! Don’t forget the bands and the “HOW THE FUCK IS GOING ON” moments from all their intense light shows and stage presence. Yes I love to capture these times while letting my senses run wild. Often becomes distracting, but its all worth it back at camp having those images and videos to remind yourself what the fuck you just did and can you believe that really just happened!? Ah I can’t not think about Coachella…Tickets purchased and ready for takeoff. I don’t even know who’s playing, but we all have some pretty good ideas =)

On to the whoring…..

So here’s my sites…love em, like em, hate em.
To be updated at any given time.

Improvements are inevitable, as I wont regress…