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Darkside of The FLips

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So Bonnaroo is delaying the lineup, for better or for worse we shall find out. Someone had something to say about the lineup though, Mr. Wayne Coyne  from The Flaming Lips told Spinner that they would be performing at Midnight on Friday of this year’s festival. At first you might say, well we already been there and done that right? What could beat 2007’s celebration that was over 2 and half hours of all the Flips fan friendly singalongs, throwbacks, and even a Black Sabbath cover that wasn’t even part of the actual set.  Just a surprise sound check song for those of us not reliving Sting and friends past while the Police played on the main stage. Confetti cannons, lazer pointers,dancing animals, Santa Clause , Captain America and even a guy in a towel was in attendance! So what’s the incentive this time? I mean this is the Flaming Lips , who always put on a spectacular show that will send you home feeling like you just attended a birthday party for everyone in the crowd. This time we shall see the darkside of the Lips. Not because their album Embryonic explores Wayne and friends darker side with psychedelic nuances and spaceman noises from the great beyond, that start you off in fear but with like any Flips song, leave you with a better sense of being in the universe. Nope still not all that, this time after the Flips finish their traditional set, they will close out by playing the entire Dark Side of the Moon album by Pink Floyd. This news comes following previous speculation and rumors of Mr. Roger Waters (you know the bass player from the original Pink Floyd), performing the entire Wall album at Roo also. My head is about to explode with excitement and anxiousness about the potential of having both the Flaming Lips and Roger Waters at the same place! Having seen both of these acts in grand fashion, I cannot help but feel I had my time and experience with both of them respectively. Either way, I asked Bonnaroo to bring it and well, they are definitly attempting to make me shudder and make me want to go. Every year I say I wont be going unless something amazing happens, I assume nothing amazing is possible having seen most of all the Greats, but then Roo always shows me why they are the real deal and not something to write off.  The lineup is delayed until the 8th so we can only wait to see what else the all mighty Bonnaroo has in store for us. Will I be attending Bonnaroo for a 5th year? We shall see!


Whatcha Got Roo? Lineup 2010 Coming Soon!

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Make sure to have access to the internet on February 2nd, as Bonnaroo will be unveiling this years lineup! Not only is this the season for the Coachella lineup to be given to us but also shortly after you can always count on the Bonnaroo announcement! The good people from Bonnaroo tell us to expect “many surprises” as rumors of The Rolling Stones and Jay-Z have been circulating with a recent tweet from Bonnaroo stating:

Festival partners @AC_Ent & @SuperflyGroup have some big announcements coming soon! 2010’s gonna be a much bigger bang….

They then follow up with:

Sorry, what I meant to say was: 2010’s gonna be big because @AC_Ent & @SuperflyGroup be big pimpin, spendin cheese…

These tweets immediately caused large speculation of the Stones in regards to the Bigger Bang reference which was the name of their previous tour. They have denied touring in 2010 but a one off show could happen. It is Bonnaroo afterall. The reference of big pimpin, spending cheese is obviously a direct quote from Jay-Z himself. Having played Glastonbury and now Coachella and Isle of Wight which is right before Roo, I don’t see why this wont be a reality. I myself have no issue with him playing whatsoever. I respect Jay-Z and feel he will deliver a great show. I don’t know if I personally will be watching at Coachella solely because I am almost positive someone will be doing something amazing elsewhere and I’ll do what I gotta do. Either way I welcome him and know this has to be better then Kanye West. Kanye makes me feel as good as having shit in one hand and puke in the other.

With other rumors of Avett Brothers, meat metal monsters GWAR, Kings Of Leon ( blah ), Alberta Cross, Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers ( the actor? ), Pavement, Ingrid Michaelson, 311, Mew, and Mayor Hawthorne just to name a few, we shall see who becomes a reality, and who fades into next years rumors, or a next round addition. Unlike Coachella where additions happen but unscheduled and mostly unannounced, Bonnaroo will announce new round additions and post a list. So if you didn’t get who you want, wait for another round and hope for the best.

I don’t think I’ll be making it to the farm this year sadly. I’ve gone the last 4 years and Yukon has gone like 7 or 8 times and I’m not sure if he is either. It’s a very sad thought but shits a little different in the world right now with money allocated to other grown up things, but only time will tell. If not this year, I shall return again sometime. Every year I tell people “Oh I dunno this year, I probably won’t be going..” and most people say “yeah right” and laugh at me, knowing someone will play that I will say “I have to go.” This year I have thought really hard about it and cannot think of a band that I would want or need to see there that I either havn’t already seen there because I’ve seen some of the best of them, or it is because some bands don’t exist or are not playing, IE Pink Floyd. If Floyd played I’d be there in a second and I know Yukon would be as well. So hear you go Bonnaroo, now is your chance to Blow me away with something so spectacular I’ll have to come back. I’ll cash in my coins and sell my disks and take the risks for another life changing visit on the farm!

Natural High 101: LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC

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So many times Ive been in a place where I would probably prefer to not be (emotastic and poopy). I put on some music and hear a song and my whole mood changes! I get the chill up my back and the hair on my arms raise as a burst of magic in my brain has been released and all the weight of the world had been lifted as I float freely, lifiting my spirits and mind. Ah the intense feeling you can’t totally describe, but if you have ever experienced it, you know the high. This could come from a song with amazing lyrics or from an instrumental piece with only music that’s SO powerful and moving you don’t need words! Often I prefer it that way. Its like reading a book instead of watching a movie where your mind is free to feel its own emotions and paint its own picture without having someone or something show or tell you what your supposed to feel! Free to interpret as your feel! Music is amazing, it gives me a feeling like nothing else on this planet. Live events are great at achieving this, especially in a festival setting ( my favorite ) as it allows you to gather with other music junkies and lovers of the art. Attending these events gives you a great sense of being apart of something bigger and more incredible then anything in your day to day life! Its a true escape from all the horror and ugliness of the world as it shows things aren’t as bad as it seems when we are together enjoying and epic moment with one of your favorite bands. Adding to the already incredible music, being live brings a visual performance as well. Hopefully the band really does a good job at either being amazing performers or, they incorporate some kind of visual art or light show, the best is a combination of both! For me if a band cant pull off a good live performance, I find myself thinking eh nevermind and probably give them a little less credibility in my own world. I’m not speaking of having no light show or visuals either, this is solely the performance and presentation of the music. Did it sound the way its supposed to or better? If worse or subpar or what really kills me is if the artist doesn’t truely seem to give a shit about being in front a crowd performing. Get the hell off the stage if you dont wanna be there.The live event and real time performance with people in attendance is what its all about. If done right, the live show can be fantastic and highly reccommended! Other times its best to just be in the sanctuary of your own home, room or whatever living quarters you have. I enjoy turning off all the lights and turning on something amazing while laying on my bed. Taking in only the music and whatever my imagination and soul create to become inspired by. Next time you listen to music, dont just listen with your ears but feel it inside and let the music transcend you to a higher place no drug would ever dream of taking you to. When the musics over, be careful with the big comedown.
pretty lights!