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Darkside of The FLips

Posted in POSTS with tags , , , on February 3, 2010 by cuzinmank

So Bonnaroo is delaying the lineup, for better or for worse we shall find out. Someone had something to say about the lineup though, Mr. Wayne Coyne  from The Flaming Lips told Spinner that they would be performing at Midnight on Friday of this year’s festival. At first you might say, well we already been there and done that right? What could beat 2007’s celebration that was over 2 and half hours of all the Flips fan friendly singalongs, throwbacks, and even a Black Sabbath cover that wasn’t even part of the actual set.  Just a surprise sound check song for those of us not reliving Sting and friends past while the Police played on the main stage. Confetti cannons, lazer pointers,dancing animals, Santa Clause , Captain America and even a guy in a towel was in attendance! So what’s the incentive this time? I mean this is the Flaming Lips , who always put on a spectacular show that will send you home feeling like you just attended a birthday party for everyone in the crowd. This time we shall see the darkside of the Lips. Not because their album Embryonic explores Wayne and friends darker side with psychedelic nuances and spaceman noises from the great beyond, that start you off in fear but with like any Flips song, leave you with a better sense of being in the universe. Nope still not all that, this time after the Flips finish their traditional set, they will close out by playing the entire Dark Side of the Moon album by Pink Floyd. This news comes following previous speculation and rumors of Mr. Roger Waters (you know the bass player from the original Pink Floyd), performing the entire Wall album at Roo also. My head is about to explode with excitement and anxiousness about the potential of having both the Flaming Lips and Roger Waters at the same place! Having seen both of these acts in grand fashion, I cannot help but feel I had my time and experience with both of them respectively. Either way, I asked Bonnaroo to bring it and well, they are definitly attempting to make me shudder and make me want to go. Every year I say I wont be going unless something amazing happens, I assume nothing amazing is possible having seen most of all the Greats, but then Roo always shows me why they are the real deal and not something to write off.  The lineup is delayed until the 8th so we can only wait to see what else the all mighty Bonnaroo has in store for us. Will I be attending Bonnaroo for a 5th year? We shall see!