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More Than Just Beats and Blinking Lights

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New Pretty Lights album dropped yesterday in no other fashion but FREE from his website. No better way to describe the album but from the artists own words:

Making Up A Changing Mind is a collection of six tracks, produced in January and February of 2010. Stylistica…lly I fuse hip-hop production with elements of electro & dubstep, and combine that with the organic timbres and raw feeling of old school soul & funk, to, hopefully channel a number of feelings that pertain to the concept of the EP… In more than one way, this EP is a reflection of the massive changes I’m going through in my life and recent decisions I’ve had to make regarding my relationships, my career, and my music. From the lyrics of the vocal samples, to the fusion of production styles, even to the model and timeframe in which this EP is being released… this album speaks to the importance of adapting in a changing and surprising world. All will change with time… the future none can see. In the reconciliation of seemingly opposing options (making up a changing mind) we can hope to find new perspectives and better ways to move forward. ~Derek Vincent Smith

Digging deeper into an artists psyche and gaining insight on what they were feeling when producing their art usually gives me more of an appreciation for the music and the person. This just proves that point again that this guy is not just making hits for the masses to make the all mighty dollar. As if it wasn’t obvious already, he only distributes his music online free of charge. After a quick listen before heading off to work box, I can only say this album continues with the infectious grooves and  head bobbing space beats. All the emotion promised is delivered with samples spanning the decades, even a little 1920’s horn breakdown something a flapper would groove to. The song that took my breath away was “Understand Me Now,” it just really hits it you in a place that if you haven’t felt the feeling before, it’s hard to explain. The entire album has its differences, some to make to make you dance, some to make you dream, all will make you feel. Download this album and experience something you never knew was possible.



Midnight Rider Gonna Let It All Hang Out

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If ya don’t know, now you know! Pretty Lights debuted 2 new tracks at his spectacular NYE show in Chicago which are available for download off his site (like all of his material!). First Track I listened to was titled After Midnight which immediately hooks you with the main jam from the Allman Brothers Midnight Rider layered cleverly over a head bobbin beat. Next is the fun part when Erik Clapton/JJ Cale lets you know how a Pretty Lights crowd gets down by letting it All hang out! All your favorite Pretty Lights chops,edits,zip zwomp synth attacks and whole lotta body moving created by this music. The next track (which is actually the first track on the download) titled Final Countdown is a powerful track that uses a very familiar horn synth sample from a song I know I’ve heard but never knew who it was. Partially because it sounds like a butt-rockish Rocky song.

Come to find out its the band Europe’s Final Countdown song, so I guess it was butt-rockish after all. Never the less this was done ever so tastefully with plenty of buildups and climaxes to really feel the music and grab some emotion brought to you by Dj Shadow’s Midnight In a Perfect World mashed with Europe! Since this is a live show, you get to hear the countdown to 2010 New Year then the real party starts…Its A Celebration! =) DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT!


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Never seen Pretty Lights!? Never heard Pretty Lights?! Now you can do BOTH via live webcast that was recorded with FULL soundboard audio/multicams and id say almost HD? Either way this is the closest way to experience a Pretty Lights show if you missed him! Mix of hiphop/electro/soul/r&b/triphop/downtempo/electronic sampling cuts from all the decades, this man will have your head bobbing, closing your eyes as the feeling crawls up your back into your head filling you with bliss as your feet cant stop and can only dance! I could go on and on about how good this guy is but YOU  can go watch this and find out yourself! The entire concert costs a whopping $5 to have on demand anytime you want to watch and considering this guy gives away his music for free via his website, please pay the $5 to watch the show and you WONT regret it!



Coachella Wishlist 2010

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Can Coachella come any sooner!? Wow I know its really soon with just about 6 months to go and not more then about 3 rumors have surfaced. Those rumors being  Devo ( not excited ), Pretty Lights ( MAJOR EXCITEMENT ) and extended rumors of Faith No More touring in the US next spring which could mean a Coachella start tour date. Mikey P or Mike Patton for those you not hip to the scene, has some ties to the grand festival in the desert as he has played with Fantomas ( 05 ), Peeping Tom ( 07 ) and Patton/Rahzel ( 09 ). Having said that let me share My initial wish list in no particular order:

Pretty Lights



The Flaming Lips

The Faint

Sleepy Sun

And So I Watch You From Afar

Black Math Horsemen

The Bloody Beetroots

The Rapture

David Bowie



The Postal Service

Edward Sharpe and the Magnificent Zeros

Before anyone tells me some band or artist has already played at Coachella before, chances are I know and probably saw them there! I enjoy seeing bands more then once especially if I havnt seen them at Coachella. For example I have seen the Flaming Lips at the Holiest of all festivals Bonnaroo @ 12AM for 3 hours doing the UFO landing spaceship show. This was particularly a special show because we saw War Pigs ( Black Sabbath ) in its entirety as a pre show soundcheck song. Thanks for that because we had just come out of the movie tent a little lost and disoriented. Next I saw them on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay! Even so, I need to experience them at my festival Coachella with all my friends under the stars on a cool desert night!  I’m certain some of those names will be amongst those selected for this year’s desert spectacle and some wont. I’m totally cool with that because every year Coachella brings me somebody I want really bad, and a WHOLE list of others who become my new favorite bands. Here’s a couple clips from some of these bands listed and they all have myspace music pages but that’s where you get to cut and paste the name of the band into Google search and click on it.